Friday, November 12, 2004

Slight Disappointment Hangover... Focus & Patience

Yesterday, after not getting a spot in Hollywood the night before, I was feeling some disappointment. More than I'd felt the night before.

Action is the cure.

I need to focus on the things that are under my control: writing, writing, and more writing.

It's also time to ping a couple of contacts, to remind them that I exist... and to get at least one live non-comic crowd as soon as possible.

But above all, patience is the key. Persistence and patience. Nothing new. Just need to continuously remind myself. This doesn't mean that I shouldn't care about making progress. It just means that it doesn't do me any good to bang my head against the wall over stuff that's beyond my control.

Stagetime will come. Slowly but surely. And as long as I keep working on my act, things will happen... when the time comes.

I'm not a hack. I'm not an open-miker. I know that. And I can't forgot that. It will just take some time to rise above the massive hoards of hacks and open-mikers to the point where others know that.

Final Thought: Focus. Polish a tight, clean 3-4 minute TV set. One day, you'll need it.

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