Friday, December 17, 2004

Holiday Slump

I haven't performed since the AOL Showcase last month (November 23rd). Getting antsy. Yeah, yeah... I know... there's no time limit. Still, there's a limit to my patience. Gotta get back on stage... soon.

Looks like I'll be able to hit the Improv Jam in Hollywood next week. If I get a spot, it will be my first one since October 27th! This long layoff has been caused by me not getting a spot (on November 10th), me taking a break (see "Other Committments"), and the Jams taking a break (see "Holiday Slump").

It's not actually a slump on the part of the Improv. Holidays are busy for them. It's just that I'm not yet on the list of comics who get called to perform for the special Holiday shows.

Maybe next year?

Anyway, back to the topic of what I _can_ control...

I contacted Matt Komen and Bill Bowley to see about future bookings (since, as you know, it's difficult to pursue bookings in the past). Both of them said I should contact them again in a couple of weeks, after the Holidays. Matt's gave some additional info, noting that when the Jams resume (now on Tuesdays), the topic comics will be eligible for Tonight Show, Letterman, and Montreal Comedy Festival showcases.

That was enough to light a little fire under my ass during this stagetime slump.

So, I'm re-focusing on developing TV material, and re-organizing my development process. Sounds kinda techie, but actually, it's just a matter of sorting through the clutter of ideas for stuff that I think is worth developing.

I've also got to re-focus on my original goal of getting a week in Irvine. Actually, it's all connected. The better I do in Hollywood, the closer I am to a week in Irvine. I just have to remind Matt that I'm shooting for that. If I forget at times, he's likely forgotten, too.

All of this Hollywood-related stuff can fog your mind. Tonight Show? Letterman? I'd given up on those dreams years ago. Now the dreams have come back... through the back door. I didn't ask about getting a shot at those shows. The info was offered as part of my ongoing dialogue with Matt. Now that the prospect is on the table, I'm excited about it... but don't want to forget the basics (e.g., have fun, don't try to hard, there's nothing to prove to anybody else, etc.).

Still, it's cool to be playing in that arena.

But... if I don't pass to the proverbial "next level" in the near future, I've got to keep plugging away for my own reasons... into the distant future.

Showcases come and go. TV shows come and go.

In the meantime, I have to write, write, write...

When I'm in the mood.