Sunday, October 16, 2005

Answer: Confidence, Confidence, and Confidence

Question: What are the three most important requirements for success?

The more experience I get, the more it becomes clear that attitude is the key. This isn't a comedy thing. It's a life thing.

And it's obvious when you think about it.

(But if it's obvious, do you have to think about it?)

Sometimes, it's just seems embarrassingly simple. For the past few weeks, that's the feeling I've been having. It seems simple. Clearly, attitude is the key.

This keeps being driven home by personal experience, and is reinforced by various books and CD's. The lesson is nothing new. That's okay. We've all heard this statement: "There's nothing new under the sun". Even that statement is as old as recorded history.

The fact that there's nothing new means that we just keep reliving experiences that we've relived before. We keep experiencing things that humans have experienced throughout history. And yet, we keep forgetting the lessons, relearning them, forgetting them... ad infinitum.

So, even though it seems painfully simple now that attitude is the key, it's also painfully obvious that I'm likely to forget that someday.

Or am I?

Maybe this is the time that I finally get it, and keep it. Maybe this is the time where I finally understand that no matter how much negative stuff is bombarding me on a daily basis, I can maintain control over my own attitude. Maybe this is the time where I finally realize that nobody else can make me feel a certain way. If I feel a certain way, that's on me. I have nobody to blame but myself.

Only time will tell.

All I know right now is that this feels good. It doesn't mean I have a perfectly positive attitude every minute of the day. What it does mean is that when I do slide into a negative attitude, I know that it's within my power to remove my head from within my anal cavity.

Nice metaphor, eh?

Whether I'm walking towards a stage to grab the microphone, walking towards the front of the line to slate my name in an audition, or walking down a hallway at work... my attitude is up to me. I can be confident, or wallowing in pity.

It's up to me.