Friday, April 28, 2006

First Audition at a Major Studio (Warner Brothers)

[POST AUDITION NOTE: This audition turned out to be at Warner Brothers Studios. Wow! And the coolest thing, I think, is that it didn't throw me off. I mean, when we (I took the kids) pulled up and saw the Warner Brothers sign, I thought it was cool… but it didn't intimidate me. I was more intimidated last year doing open mic's at the Hollywood Improv. That shows some internal progress, for sure. Even though my post-mortem of the audition is that I was inconsistent with the character, that had nothing to do with the fact that it was at Warner Brothers. It had to do with where I'm at as an actor. They gave me some direction that was different from the choices I'd made ahead of time, and even though I feel my improvisation was okay, the character bounced all over the place. Biggest lesson learned? Pick a character, and stick with it. Related lesson? Either do a dialect, or don't. Somehow, in the middle of the improv, I drifted from my voice, to some kind of East Coast voice. Whether or not that had anything to do with not getting a call-back is beside the point. If I was the type they were looking for, I've got a feeling that they _might_ have worked with me anyway. So, this critique is more about the results-independent side of things. That is, independent of what they thought of me and my "type", what did I think of the job I did? And the answer is that I was okay. Professional. Friendly and confident while being introduced around the table to the director, etc. Decent on the improv. Character consistency needs work. I guess that's what acting class is for, eh? Speaking of that, we're starting to focus on one scene for showcasing… which could lead to getting representation. More on that as it develops.]