Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Jack Canfield Monthly Phone Call

Interviewer: Alex Mondosian (sp?)

=== N O T E S ===

+ Bad economy: Can see it with fear, or as a chance for opportunity.
+ Holdays: Focus on what's important. Not necessarily money.
+ Can be giving your "presence" in addition to "presents".
+ Question: How do you get rid of fear?
+ F.E.A.R. = False Evidence Appearing Real,
Future Events Appearing Real,
Forget Everything And Run
+ Rather than thinking about catastrophe, assume things will turn out well.
No fear.
+ Exercise: Top of a skyscraper, on the edge, no railing. Most people
will assume the worst, and physically feel fear. If you believe you
can fly, you will have no fear, and imagine zooming around, landing
on a beautiful island, etc.
+ Exercise: Make a list of things "I'm afraid to...". After the list is
done, change the beginning to "I'd really like to, but I scare myself
into believing...". Replace fear of fantasy with positive outcome
fantasy. Then come up with a solution to get your ideal situation.
+ Another solution... stay in the present. Rather than going into the
future with positive or negative fantasies, ground yourself in the moment.
+ "Self confidence is the result of surviving a risk." Feel the fear, and
do it anyway.
+ => tapping technique for releasing fear.
+ Question: Most important principles in this economic downturn...
+ Decide what you want. Okay to think (a little) about what you don't want.
But focus most of your attention on what you _DO_ want.
+ Challenge from Bob Proctor: Double your income in the next year.
+ Believe it's possible.
+ Stay focused.
+ Take action.
+ A lot of people get paralyzed by fear. Instead, make an action plan,
and break it down into action steps.
+ Answer the question "What's the greatest weakness I must overcome
to get what I want?"
+ Commit to constant and never-ending improvement.
+ Tighten all personal disciplines.
+ Find out what's needed by the people you serve, and provide what they need.
+ Keep focused on the vision.
+ 80/20 Rule: Determine what that 20% is that needs to be done to succeed.
+ REMINDER: Principle #1 = Take 100% Responsibility for Your Life
+ Question: Energy (how do you get more?)
+ "Your level of energy determines the quality of your life."
+ Sleep well.
+ Eat well.
+ Simple step... drink more water.
+ Exercise: Yogi breathing... 4 or 5 yogi breaths.
Yogi breath = Inhale 8 counts, Exhale 16 counts.
+ Question: How do you please others and stay true to yourself all the time?
+ Answer: You don't.
+ But the good news is that you'll please a lot of people while being true
to yourself. The ones you don't please... forget about it. Even when
you're not being true to yourself, people won't be pleased. So, which
option is best? Duh.
+ When people are upset with you... it's just noise.
+ Following your own joy is the way to attract the people and things you
need. You can't please everybody.
+ Exercise: For an entire week... do only what you want to do, for 16 hours
a day, 7 days a week. See what happens. You'll discover how many things
you're doing to please other people, and perhaps also how many more things
you will do for yourself that are also the best for those you love and
for the world.
+ This is for me, it's not against you, I'm just taking care of what I need to do.
+ Express yourself: What you want to express is coming up and trying to get out.
When you don't express it someway, that energy ferments itself in your body,
and becomes dis-ease.
+ Question: How do you determine what your services are worth?
+ Nobody knows what anything is worth.
+ You get what you think you're worth (or, better put, what you think you're
worth + what you ask for + what people are willing to pay).
+ Determine bottom and top (e.g., bottom = minimum I'm willing to leave my house for,
top = what I believe I'm worth when compared to others in the industry).
+ Example: A couple of therapists in La Jolla kept raising their fee by $25/hr
every month until people said, "Don't you think that's a bit much?"
+ Example: A musician had the idea that he wanted to work half as much, so he
doubled his fee and worked half as much.
+ Recommendation: Base fee on value rather than time.
+ Example: In his early days, Jack charged a daily fee (e.g., $3,000 / day).
A friend suggested charging a per person fee. When he did that, he wound
up making $20,000 / day.
+ Personal Example: Voiceover job for BigRock Studios. I agreed to an hourly
rate, and actually got "punished" for doing a good job. That is, it took
me 1 hour instead of 2. Had I agreed to a fixed price instead, or perhaps
a cost per minute of output, I would have made more money. Time was
irrelevant in this case.
+ Question: What self-esteem techniques or exercises for woman who's been raped or abused?
+ Answer: Complete the past to embrace the future.
+ "Total Truth Process".
+ Exercise: Release anger by banging a tennis racket against couch/bed/etc., while
yeling what's making you angry (e.g., "I'm angry that you made me feel powerless").
+ Answer the question, "Is there something you did that contributed to this?" (e.g.,
drinking too much and things got out of hand).
+ Release... however you get around to it, through the various stages, you eventually
have to release all of the baggage to get on with your life in a normal way.
+ If you keep beating yourself up over and over again by reliving the trauma, you're
doing more damage that the original perpetrators.
+ Closing Thoughts (from Jack and myself)...
+ Remember that money is only one facet of your life. There are so many things to
work on and appreciate that don't involve money. Sure, if you want more money...
you can have that, too. But don't let it consume you. The money will come.
Do what you love, do it with all of your heart, and the money will come.
But make sure to not let money control you and your situation. Live. Love.

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