Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Where Has All The Blogging Gone?

This is just like my private Journal. Yeah, I said it. "Journal". Not "diary". Jour-nal.

In any case, whatever you call it, I've never been one to keep it up on a regular basis. No rude comments here. There's always innuendo. We'll pass past this one.

Pass past?

Not in the mood to hit the backspace button, this is much like an "old school" journal entry. Okay, not exactly. I am correcting small errors as I go along.

But what about the original question?

"Where has all the blogging gone?"

Is it because I don't care? Maybe.

Mostly, though, it goes back to just a few sentences ago. I'm just not one to keep anything like this, or anything else, going on a regular basis.

The good news is that I've continued to do stuff in real life (IRL). And isn't that the most important thing? Maybe not to the daily bloggers, but that's what matters to me. And that's not to say that all daily bloggers aren't doing anything IRL. It's just to say that maybe 99% are that way.

The same goes for regular message board posters. Who has time to have a life IRL, _and_ post 97 messages a day?

So, back to the first point...

"Where has all the blogging gone?"

More importantly, who cares?

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